Email Marketing

Plan Fees Earn Detail
Plan Joing Fees Validity Daliy Email / Sms Limit Fix Salary Security Amount
I Plan 1300/- One Year 90 Email Daily 15,000/- Rs per Month 5,000/-
II Plan 1300/- Two Year 150 Email Daily 25,000/- Rs per Month 10000/-
III Plan 1300/- Two Year 150 + 90 Email Daily 35,000/- Rs Per Month 15,000/-

Every Member should deposit a refundable security amount as per according the Plan you have selected for the security of company material as (Laptop + Email Data) + (Tata Fhoton , Airtel , MTS , Vodafone , Internet Dongle ) + ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, PDC Card) Etc.

Note:- Security amount is refundable


Make money from home based jobs by working part time on internet. work for 1 -2 hours. Internet jobs for from home or cyber cafe no need to create website, No buying-No selling, Easy part time opportunity for any one.

Become part of the change, join and earn fixed monthly.

Earn money with India Fast SMS Service.

India Fast SMS Service is a service that offers users the opportunity to watch advertisements and earn money. users can also invite other users to watch ad and earn,thus building a community of consumers. The bigger communities you build higher are the reward, Who can do the email processing jobs. If you know the basics of computer (emailing, opening of any websites etc.)then you can do this work very easily.student,working professional,housewife,retired persons, and part time work seekers can do this work very easily.

If you are a beginner or regular internet worker, you can definitely do these survey jobs and make money. India Fast SMS Service. Net Kit explains the complete method in a very

simple step by step procedure. We have given important tips in the kit so that anybody can understand and work comfortably. Each survey hardly takes about 15 minutes or so,and you do not have to meet any other persons. simply you have to answer simple questions.

The research companies send survey by emails. Once you are registered with them Falcon Net marketing the email contains company advt &list of simple questions along with 4 to5 short answers. You have to tick mark any one which, in your opinion is most suitable answers. You need not worry if answer is right or wrong. You simply have to give your opinion. that's it, isn't it so simple. For completing each survey you will be paid 5usd to 50usd (us dollars)

You do not have to buy or sell any products. just give your opinion and get paid smartly.

After survey is completed, the survey companies send the payment by cheque.

Ours is independent internet consultancy firm registered with government authority. After in-depth research on internet we have compiled Falcon Net marketing .You can definitely do these survey jobs and make money. Falcon Net marketing explains the complete method in a very simplest research on internet we have compiled India Fast SMS Service.

Email reading /Email processing jobs.

Email readers are in great demand. There are many multinational advertising websites from which you can earn good income. We will explain you the amazing concept to earn money by reading email. Once you are registered with these websites they will start sending paid emails to you. Registration on these websites can be done from India Fast SMS Service in these email they will give you advertiser's website links. just click these links to go to advertiser website. View them for 30-40 seconds. That's all,for these simple works advertising company will pay you.

These advertising website companies will pay you because they get huge viewership in turn advertisers are paying these advertising companies. You will receive emails which includes viewing of their advertisements, visiting websites, clicking on some banners.

This is very simple work and anyone can do it very easily. In this simple work you are not required to buy or sell any product. You do not require any website to do this work These website companies will pay you just to view these advertisements.

You will be paid directly by these advertising companies by cheque at your postal address.

many companies have bank transfer option also. You will be provided with account page where you can see the income you have generated. The minimum required balance in your account varies from $1 onwards. you can work from your home or cyber cafe or from anywhere, where internet connection is available.

What is advertising/email processing jobs?

Advertising is a paid form of communication, designed to promote or sell a product, a service, or an idea. advertising reaches people through various vehicles of mass communication. In everyday life, people encounter many different kinds of advertising. Printed ads are found in newspapers and magazines. Poster ads are placed in buses, subways, and trains. Neon signs are scattered along the streets of our cities.

Hoardings dot the landscape along our highways. commercials creep in between Radio and television programming. advertising is a multibillion dollar industry (more than $100 billion a year)in the u.s. Itself. Many companies depend only on advertising to remain in business. Advertising helps manufacturers to convince people to buy their products. Business firms use advertising to promote an "image" for their company or corporate identity. Businesses depend on advertising to gain new customers and increase sales. Individuals, political candidates and their parties, organizations and groups, and the government also advertise. The armed forces use ads to recruit volunteers. Special interest groups promote a cause or try to influence people's thoughts and actions. Politicians use ads to try to win votes. And People advertise in newspapers to sell cars, homes, property, or other items. if you want to join please take print out the application form, and send along with demand draft to our office address, then with 1 hour we will provide you the server name, user id &password, for email processing jobs. After getting the user id and password you Have to login our server ,in your member panel one link will be available. Take your email processing jobs, if you click, over the link, the email will open, you have to read the email, and you have to submit online.

Registration fee is Rs. 2500/- for life time.

We are giving bulk project also, if you need any bulk project then please you can contact with us. If you refer any candidate you will get Rs 300/-,per refferal.

Note:- Company will open your current account Rs.10200 & Rs.25000. The differnce of both the account discuss by agent.